I began creating digital art in 1994 coinciding with the release of Bryce, a fractal-based landscape creation software package for Macintosh. These were the early days of digital art, and since that time I have been utilizing a variety of software tools to realize my artistic vision. My digital art has been featured on magazine covers, CNN, and has toured the world twice two different years in the MacWorld Digital Art Exhibition. My art has also been featured in the SIGGRAPH digital art gallery. Most of my current digital art is created with Vue Infinite from Eon Software. I've also been an avid photographer since 2004, working my way through a pile of DSLR cameras. I'm now using a Nikon D600 for my landscape photography. Much of my most recent photography has been iPhone based, and can be seen on Instagram.

Renderosity hosts the bulk of my digital art and photography, over 250 images, spanning a decade. View the most current works, updated daily. This link drops you directly into my art and photography gallery.

Instagram hosts my iphoneography stream.

Links to my art galleries:

Renderosity hosts the digital art and photography of Bruce MacLeod. View my most current works, updated daily: