Early Work

Bruce MacLeod Quartet

The San Francisco Bay Area Jazz quartet, led by composer-guitarist Bruce MacLeod, perform a set of original compositions that showcase modern harmonic complexity and ingenious improvisation.

The Bruce MacLeod Quartet is: Bruce Macleod (guitar), Ken Cook (piano), Doug Miller (bass), and Jimmy Hobson (drums).

"Early Work" consists of instrumental Jazz pieces I composed during the late 1980’s. I have performed them live, and recorded them in a variety of settings over the years. I’m pleased to present the tunes again, reimagined, and performed by a new band of top-flight Jazz musicians. I wanted to put my favorite early compositions in one place, and revisit them in a more modern context. The arraignments are new, and written for this band.

Fond Regrets was composed in 2013, (around the time of the recording sessions), as a coda to my earlier pieces. Darkness was composed by Mark Anderman, and is included here because I love the tune, and have been playing it for years with Mark. An earlier version is featured on our guitar duo album "Double Vision".

"Early Work" was recorded at Marin West Studios in 2013, and was edited and mixed by Bruce MacLeod and Jimmy Hobson. Early Work was mastered by Joe Tarantino at Fantasy Records. Early Work is available from iTunes, and cdbaby.com.

  • Bruce MacLeod 2014
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