by Bruce MacLeod

Released 2016
Watchful Eye
Released 2016
Watchful Eye
The San Francisco Bay Area Jazz quartet, led by composer-guitarist Bruce MacLeod, perform a set of original compositions that showcase modern harmonic complexity and ingenious improvisation.
The Bruce MacLeod Quartet is: Bruce Macleod (guitar), Ken Cook (piano), Doug Miller (acoustic bass), and Jimmy Hobson (drums).

"Tangent" is a continuation of the quartet recording sessions begun in 2012 at Marin West Studios. The first sessions culminated the album "Early Work". The Tangent recordings are more recent. They're comprised of some early compositions, and some new, less structured open free-jazz playing. "Tangent" is a combination of tight arrangements and free-jazz counterpoint. - Bruce MacLeod 2016

Produced for Watchful Eye by Bruce MacLeod. "Tangent" was recorded at Marin West Studios in 2013-2014, and was edited, mixed, and mastered by Bruce MacLeod, Jimmy Hobson, and Kevin MacLeod. Cover painting: Bruce MacLeod. Tangent is available from iTunes.

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